Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E Review

There are only a handful of wrist watches out there that can be used in almost all scenarios. There aren’t many timepiece that can outmatch Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E when it comes to versatility and maintenance. This delicately designed wrist watch delivers a ton of great features without the hassle of changing batteries every month.

Analog Display, Calendar and Weight

The Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E comes loaded with an analog display and a Calendar date display (at 3 o’clock position). With a total weight of 5.44 ounces, it’s an average weighted wrist watch with an excellent display.

Japanese quartz and Water resistance

This Citizen Men’s watch is equipped with Japanese quartz movement which is something that you should keep in mind. This timepiece is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about the water damage especially if you are a casual adventurer or diver. The water resistance is up to 330 ft.

Mineral Crystal dial, Bezel and Steel plated band

The overall look of this piece is quite elegant thanks to its Mineral crystal dial window. It also has a stainless steel plated band and a stainless steel bezel (stationary). The whole stainless steel look definitely compliments almost every environment.

Solar Powered Batteries

The feature that makes it maintenance free is its light powered battery. With Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E in your possession, you won’t have to worry about the batteries so you can say that it’s almost maintenance free. Just get it and forget it.



  • Case diameter 42mm with a thickness of 11.5mm
  • 44 ounces
  • Round Stainless steel casing (analog display)
  • Water resistant for up to 330 ft.
  • 22mm wide Stainless Steel Plated band
  • Stationary Stainless Steel Bezel
  • Japanese quartz
  • Light powered battery
  • Mineral Crystal dial window
  • Calendar date and day at 3 o’clock position


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The overall stainless steel look of Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E brings out a very stylish outlook. The whole design and feature set is perfect and can be used anywhere you want regardless of the environment or scenario. The Citizen Men’s AW0038-53E is a very decent timepiece that isn’t just about the looks but delivers a deadly punch in terms of features to its competitors. A must have for wrist watch lovers.

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